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Discover Your Customer Perceptions Real Time

Respond to brand perception trends 10X faster.

10 Billion+

Customer Conversations Analyzed

1 Million+

Data Insights Extracted


Enterprise Customers

Track Perception Metrics that Matter

Brand Perception
Drivers & Brand Equity

Discover and rank your top brand perception drivers. Score brand equity vis a vis competitors.

Emerging Trends

Discover emerging trends in your category. Keep your marketing and positioning at par with latest trends

Customer Beliefs

Discover your customer beliefs.
Strike a chord by talking their language.

Perception Impact Prediction

Understand how change in customer perceptions impact your brand – with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Geography Wise Insights

Understand your customer priorities in different geographies


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What Our Clients Say?

See why companies use Clootrack to leverage their businesses

Very insightful and interesting. Decisions need not wait for several weeks now.

– Violeta Niculae

Strategy & Innovation Manager, KWS Seminte

Clootrack gave actionable insights for our prod roadmap. Quickest way to assess market sentiments at sub segment level.

– Azhar Iqbal

CEO, Inshorts

Ours is a specialized niche. For any one to find insights like Clootrack you have to spend at least a year in the industry

– Radu Atanasescu

Marketing Director, Setrio

How It Works?

Fetch Customer Conversations

Clootrack obtains conversations online & in private enterprise data.





 Online Discussion  

Social Media  


Analysis by AI Engine

Proprietary deep learning algorithms, based on proven mathematical models slice & dice the data. Topics, relationships and tone intensities are drilled down to identify patterns, correlations & inferences at multiple levels.

Insight Discovery

Clootrack cognitively scores and ranks patterns to extract elements that matter. Clootrack is a machine, and so unbiased!

We See Your Brand Through The Eyes of Your Customer

Explore Latest Case Studies

Top 5 Factors That Consumers Consider While Choosing an Effective Acne Cream

According to American Academy of Dermatology, 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 24 years experience at least minor acne. People treat acne using products available at a drugstore or cosmetic counter that do not require a prescription. These acne treatment creams are used to reduce the severity and frequency of acne growth.

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4 Factors To Manage Your Outfits Using A Fashion Organizer App

A recent article in the Telegraph said that an average woman spends about one year of her life choosing what to wear. Though they say they have nothing to wear they are usually drowning in a sea of clothes. The fashion organizer apps have made way into a woman’s life to easily organize their closets and to help them choose an outfit for every occasion.

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5 Factors That Users Consider While Buying Cryptocurrency In China

China cryptocurrency market is the largest amongst APAC countries. It has some of the big mining companies such as Bitman and Ebang Communication. Conditions such as good weather, low electricity cost and the influx of venture capital funding is making it favorable for the growth of cryptocurrency in China.

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8 Factors That can Improve Private Health Care Services in Romania

Public healthcare comes with poor infrastructure and lack of proper management, combined with low quality of medical services. This has led to the growth of private healthcare in Romania. As per research reports, the number of patients enrolling in private hospitals in Romania has increased by 20%.

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