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Unified View of Your Customer Perceptions

Respond to customer perceptions faster than ever before!

10 Billion+

Customer Conversations Analyzed

1 Million+

Data Insights Extracted


Enterprise Customers

360° View of Your Customer Perceptions

Brand Drivers & Equity

Discover and rank your top brand drivers. Score brand equity vis a vis competitors.

Emerging Trends

Discover emerging trends in your category. Keep your marketing and positioning at par with latest trends

Customer Beliefs

Discover your customer beliefs.
Strike a chord by talking their language.

Perception Impact Prediction

Understand how change in customer perceptions impact your brand – with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Geography Wise Insights

Understand your customer priorities in different geographies


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What Our Clients Say?

See why companies use Clootrack to leverage their businesses

Very insightful and interesting. Decisions need not wait for several weeks now.

– Violeta Niculae

Strategy & Innovation Manager, KWS Seminte

Clootrack gave actionable insights for our prod roadmap. Quickest way to assess market sentiments at sub segment level.

– Azhar Iqbal

CEO, Inshorts

Ours is a specialized niche. For any one to find insights like Clootrack you have to spend at least a year in the industry

– Radu Atanasescu

Marketing Director, Setrio

How It Works?

Fetch Customer Conversations

Clootrack obtains conversations online & in private enterprise data.





 Online Discussion  

Social Media  

Open Text NPS 

Analysis by AI Engine

Proprietary deep learning algorithms, based on proven mathematical models slice & dice the data. Topics, relationships and tone intensities are drilled down to identify patterns, correlations & inferences at multiple levels.

Insight Discovery

Clootrack cognitively scores and ranks patterns to extract elements that matter. Clootrack is a machine, and so unbiased!

See Your Brand Through The Eyes of Your Customer

Explore Latest Case Studies

4 Factors Telecom Companies Should Consider To Better Connect with Customers

Telecommunication companies are largely responsible for the highly connected, digital world that we live in today. Come 2020, telecom companies will be floating in the midst of the era of cloud, where a whole world of new opportunities opens up for the carriers. There is no doubt that this era is unstoppable, and there is no escape. How can telecom companies build their market positions? What factors can set apart telecom providers in 2020?

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4 Factors That Deliver Cherished Memories Along 60 Miles Of Myrtle Beach

Life is better at the beach Isn’t it? I mean, who would not love the gorgeous sunrises over the ocean, thrilling beach activities, family-friendly attractions, historic roots, hot sunny weather, and welcoming Southern hospitality? Right from beautiful art and beach beauty, to enjoying a new skill or watching amazing performances, there are many ways to relax your mind in Myrtle Beach.

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5 Major Determinants of Success in the Hotel Business

With an increase in disposable income, individuals are keen on indulging in foreign experiences and traveling. This rising trend has seen an expansion in the hotel industry. What goes on in a guest’s mind as they book their accommodation? What sets one hotel apart from the other? Read about the latest and upcoming trends that are shaping the hotel industry!

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Top 5 Features Expected From Online Jewellery Brands

Online shopping has gone to an extent that people prefer to buy high-worth items such as gold jewellery also online. There can be nothing more comfortable to sit at the convenience of your home and take opinions of friends and family by sharing pictures before buying your favorite piece of jewellery. But it is also true that people don’t trust online jewellery websites so easily. Clootrack analyzed online consumer conversations and has put together a list of features that customers prefer in an online jewellery store.

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