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Respond to brand perception trends 10X faster.

10 Billion+

Customer Conversations Analyzed

1 Million+

Data Insights Extracted


Enterprise Customers

Track Perception Metrics that Matter

Brand Perception
Drivers & Brand Equity

Discover and rank your top brand perception drivers. Score brand equity vis a vis competitors.

Emerging Trends

Discover emerging trends in your category. Keep your marketing and positioning at par with latest trends

Customer Beliefs

Discover your customer beliefs.
Strike a chord by talking their language.

Perception Impact Prediction

Understand how change in customer perceptions impact your brand – with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Geography Wise Insights

Understand your customer priorities in different geographies


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What Our Clients Say?

See why companies use Clootrack to leverage their businesses

Very insightful and interesting. Decisions need not wait for several weeks now.

– Violeta Niculae

Strategy & Innovation Manager, KWS Seminte

Clootrack gave actionable insights for our prod roadmap. Quickest way to assess market sentiments at sub segment level.

– Azhar Iqbal

CEO, Inshorts

Ours is a specialized niche. For any one to find insights like Clootrack you have to spend at least a year in the industry

– Radu Atanasescu

Marketing Director, Setrio

How It Works?

Fetch Customer Conversations

Clootrack obtains conversations online & in private enterprise data.





 Online Discussion  

Social Media  


Analysis by AI Engine

Proprietary deep learning algorithms, based on proven mathematical models slice & dice the data. Topics, relationships and tone intensities are drilled down to identify patterns, correlations & inferences at multiple levels.

Insight Discovery

Clootrack cognitively scores and ranks patterns to extract elements that matter. Clootrack is a machine, and so unbiased!

We See Your Brand Through The Eyes of Your Customer

Explore Latest Case Studies

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Cryptocurrency wallets have emerged using the blockchain technology to give birth to a platform to collect, pay and protect licensed digital collectibles. In Q1 2018, there were estimated 23.95 million cryptocurrency wallet users worldwide, increased by 86% compared to Q1 2017. The rise of cryptocurrency investments has pushed for the development of secure storage of cryptocurrencies. This report elaborates on the factors that consumers prefer to have in their cryptocurrency wallets.

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Most of us spend a considerable amount of time indoors. And do you know that your indoor air can be equally bad or polluted like the outside air. When we are exposed to poor air quality, we risk ourselves to a number of respiratory ailments.
Air purifier has been in news more often as people are turning towards pure indoor air. It helps to create cleaner, healthier air in your home and office. There are a variety of factors that consumers explore before they buy a reliable air purifier.

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Doing laundry can take over your life specially if there are too many other chores that require to be completed. The fully automatic washing machines available with latest technology and innovations can wash out all your laundry problems in no time. The emerging trends with added features and technology are expected to increase the demand for residential washing machines.

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