Social Media Intelligence Definition

Social media intelligence definition can be stated as “Ability to use tools to extract social media data to understand consumers and serve them better.”  

Social media intelligence is the process of converting social media data into actionable insights that can be used by brands to create meaningful content and make business decisions across many disciplines.

Social media intelligence is gaining popularity as brands are able to make strategic decisions based on insights derived from social media. Merely collecting or reporting on social media data is not true intelligence. It only becomes social intelligence when there is something derived from social media data or when actionable insights are extracted from the data. 

Social Media Intelligence Advantages

Social media intelligence can be used by brands to turn social media and other online customer data into helpful insights. There are a lot of advantages of using social media intelligence: 

1. Predict Customer Behavior:

Social media intelligence that gives useful marketing insights goes a long way in predicting your customers’ future choices. By collecting and analyzing customer data, marketers get to know where to focus their time and effort to deliver an extraordinary customer experience. With the help of social media intelligence, marketers focus on building marketing strategies, discounts, promotions, and social media messaging. 

2. Know your competitors:

If you have to beat your competition, you do not just have to monitor your competition closely but importantly discover smarter ways of reaching the audience, which both you and your competitors are targeting. Social media intelligence is used to know what your competitors are doing well (or not doing well), and this information should be used to change your approach towards campaigns and marketing strategies.

3. Accelerate Business Growth:

For any business to grow and develop, a well-researched business strategy is a must. A major part of the strategy depends on the acceptance of the products by its customers. Social media intelligence gathered from customer data will help brands to identify areas of potential growth.

Social Media Intelligence Example

Look at some customer-data driven marketing campaigns that make use of social media intelligence to improve and optimize performance. Customer data enables companies to target the needs of their customers and thereby build high-performing marketing campaigns.  

For example, DIRECTV launched a marketing campaign to connect with new customers. With the help of social media intelligence, the company launched a marketing campaign to target homeowners who recently applied for a change of address. It was observed that when people move to a new place, they generally tend to try out a new service or switch providers. With this in mind, they designed a personalized version to target these visitors who are looking for a change. The result was great. The personalized and the data-driven version of the website outperformed the standard version.