Convergence Marketing Definition

Convergence marketing is defined as “the orchestration of information technology, marketing, and design required to ensure that companies present an integrated, consistent, clear and interactive message across all the media they use” as defined in Marketing Convergence, by Susan K. Jones & Edward J. Spiegel. 

Convergence marketing strategy revolves around the customer who is at the center, surrounded by various means of communication, content, and technology. Convergence can now be seen with the terms used such as “voice and data,” “fixed and mobile,” “media and entertainment,” “access devices,” “unified communications,” the list goes on and on.  

We are witnessing the convergence of digital marketing and traditional marketing. Big data convergence is happening between traditional and online marketing, where marketers are gathering consumer data to make marketing more effective.  

Convergence Marketing Advantages 

Convergence is the future of marketing. It is happening at a fast pace, and companies that want to see success need to stay ahead of the pack.

Convergence will bring about renegotiation between traditional marketing and new digital marketing.

Convergence marketing is making it easier to integrate different media, traditional marketing, and digital marketing just so that they can convert the data gathered into customer experiences.  

Convergence Marketing Examples

One great example of convergence marketing is the integration of online and offline marketing done by Target. Based on the customer profiles built based on big data, Target is able to predict their customer’s next 

Target wanted to focus on soon-to-be parents as there is a huge market in this segment. Target got very good with its prediction that it started to send coupons at the right time during different stages of pregnancy. It was purely based on the consumer insights gathered with the help of big data. But being tracked so closely did not go well with the consumers.

Target quickly adopted the traditional marketing methods as well, where they started giving coupons with educational content that pregnant women liked. Convergence marketing is all about striking the right balance between different marketing mediums, be it traditional or digital marketing.