Brand Attributes Definition

Brand Attributes are descriptive characteristics that characterize a product or service what a consumer thinks about a product or service is or has and what is involved in its purchase or consumption” (Keller, 1993). According to Keller’s study (1993, 1998), brand attributes include both intrinsic and extrinsic attributes. 

Intrinsic brand attributes relate to the product’s physical components or the service offered and are mostly measurable and verifiable based on predefined standards. 

Extrinsic brand attributes relate to non-product features and are external aspects of a product or service. Extrinsic brand attributes assure consumers’ needs for social approval or self-esteem.  

Brand Attributes Advantages

Having a robust set of Brand Attributes will position the brand to stand apart from its competition due to the uniqueness of the attributes.  

1. Gives strong brand Identity

Positive brand attributes can portray the brand characteristics and form a strong brand identity. When a brand has well-defined Brand Attributes, it becomes easier for the company to position the brand and develop a unique identity in the market. 

2. Distinctive competitive edge

With reliable brand attributes, a brand cannot be duplicated, thereby building a distinctive competitive advantage.  

3. Launch a new line of products

Strong Brand Attributes gives enormous confidence to the company to launch a new range of products and services. Based on the previously built legacy, a brand enjoys a strong brand recall factor with current and potential customers. With the existing brand attributes, a company can explore new markets.  

4. Product Pricing

Strong brand attributes bring an advantage to the product pricing. When customers already have a massive amount of trust and faith in a particular brand and its characteristics, it is in a position to demand a premium price for its products.  

Brand Attributes Example

Mercedes advertises itself as “Engineered like no other car in the world.” This tagline has served as a brand positioning platform that highlights various attributes of the car. 

Mercedes, leading car company, possesses attributes such as swift, prestigious, durable, expensive, well-built, well-engineered, high value, quick, and so on. These attributes have allowed Mercedes to position itself as a unique brand and has helped to gain sustainable competitive advantages.