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Top 5 Features Expected From Online Jewellery Brands

Category Analysis – Online Jewellery


Gold jewellery sales  needs trust, touch and feel factors which are very difficult to incorporate in an online jewellery website.  The current market for online jewellery in India is about $135 million and has shown rapid growth in the recent years, with a projected market of $2 billion by 2022. In this report, we bring deep insights into the online jewellery websites, covering the must-have features and many more interesting aspects.


The analysis is based on customer reviews and conversations online in the segment. The analysis results presented are completely unbiased and not based on any subjective judgement. The source data used for the analysis are user conversations available publicly online like public forums and social media.


Total number of customer conversations analyzed

Top 5 Perception Drivers

Online jewellery shopping is emerging in India rapidly, as modern shoppers want latest trends and contemporary designs which they can flaunt more often rather than buying heavy jewellery for a particular occasion. Along with the convenience that an online store offers, shoppers want to take advantage of better prices that are offered to online consumers.

What is Customer Perception?

Perception is an awareness or an understanding of a particular thing. Consumer perception plays a vital role in the consumer behavior thereby affecting the demand for a product. Hence it becomes key to understand the attitude that influences consumer behavior.

Online jewellery websites should carefully watch out for the needs of the customers so that they can design their offerings according to the customer requirements.

Through a detailed analysis of 20,883 online consumer conversations, Clootrack has listed top 5 perception drivers.

1. Trust

Online shopping for high-value items such as gold, should come with great degree of trust. Online websites should sell certified or hallmarked gold and diamond jewellery. It should be certified by reputed laboratories such as GIA, GSI, HRD and IGI. The gold coins should be BIS hallmark to ensure guarantee on gold purity. For diamonds, it has to be the finest quality jewels according to the industry standards of S-I clarity and I-J color diamonds. Further more, offer lifetime exchange facility which gives good reason for customers to trust you.

Ensure to maintain transparency by disclosing quality specifications and genuineness of gold jewellery which goes a long way in building greater trust with customers.


2. Range

Most of the urban and modern customers feel that the jewellery won’t go well with their western clothes, occasional wear clothes or party clothes. Gold jewellery is mostly associated with traditional occasions such as weddings, and therefore customers feel there is not enough range of jewellery for their different fashion requirements.

Online jewellery should offer wide range of jewellery, designer range, matching range, custom design, unique design and imitation range. They have to target various sections of the society, such as young working women, and urban women as well.

The online stores should put up latest and newest range of styles to attract customers.

3. Pricing


Online jewellery stores eliminate the cost of supply chains, thereby enabling lower overheads. This results in savings, which should reflect in the product pricing. Jewellery should be offered at good pricing, affordable pricing and at a price that is less than Rs. 10,000. Online jewellery stores have gained good traction for fashion jewellery which comes in a range of Rs. 500 to Rs.5,000.

There is a shift in jewellery choice from traditional wedding jewellery to daily wear jewellery. This trend is pushing consumers to look out for light yet elegant and low-price jewellery pieces.

Online jewellery stores should offer the best of the pricing that can fit into consumer’s wallet.

4. Delivery

The ability to deliver products based on customer’s choice is what defines business success for an online jewellery store. Delivery options become key differentiators when shoppers choose between online and marketplace sellers.

It is also important to note that not many shoppers would like to pay high price for delivery. 90% of online shoppers say that the cost of delivery is a major factor when they plan to buy from online stores.

This indicates that understanding delivery and the management of delivery is a defining pillar of customer experience. This will help online jewellery sellers to lay emphasis on better delivery management.

Online jewellery stores should offer on-time delivery, safe delivery, undamaged delivery, proper packaging and insured delivery of their products to customers.

5. Returns

As online shopping is becoming more common, the importance of a good return policy is becoming much more evident. As customers of online jewellery do not get the option to touch and feel the jewellery physically before buying, the online stores should assure customers by providing fair and appealing return policies. Customers want the sellers to assure that if they don’t like the products, they should have the option to return it without being questioned about the reasons for the returns.

A good return policy should have no questions returns, return in 30 days, purchase return, not matching return and lifetime return options.

If an online jewellery store does not have an easy and a good return policy, it is sure to turn off customers.  Make sure to have the return policy clearly written and easy to find on the website. Shoppers should find it easily on the homepage or from product pages. Also ensure to have an appealing return policy that benefits the customers.

Brand Equity

Consumer perception comes out of knowledge and experience, towards a product or a service, which in turn, builds brand equity. The perception that a consumer holds towards a brand directly results in either positive or negative effects.
Brand equity is an indicator of the company’s strength and performance, specifically in the public markets.

Download the detailed report for free to get to know the brand names in the below chart. The detailed report also covers delight feature and indifferent features.


Detailed Report

The convenience an online store brings is unique. It not just gives the comfort of shopping from your mobile or laptop, but it also makes it easier to shop when you have time. It offers a range of options at better prices than a physical store. Customers of online jewellery stores are talking about the features that they like the most in an online store. To know details of the features that delight the customers and other interesting facts, you can download the pdf version of the complete report for free.

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