Private Healthcare in Romania: 8 Drivers of Customer Experience Excellence

Sep 2018

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As per a study based on data from the National Statistics Institute, there are 56,300 medical units in Romania of which 75% are privately owned.  Private healthcare in Romania, including the medical facilities and staff has increased 60 times since 1997. Romanian healthcare market is increasingly attracting foreign investors due to high growth rates that is not found anywhere else in Western Europe at the moment. In this report, we bring deep insights into the private health services in Romania, covering top adoption drivers, emerging trends, customer beliefs much more interesting aspects.


The analysis is based on customer reviews and conversations online in the segment. The analysis results presented are completely unbiased and not based on any subjective judgement. The source data used for the analysis are user conversations available publicly online like public forums and social media.


Total number of customer conversations analyzed 

Private Healthcare in Romania: 8 Drivers of Customer Experience Excellence

Executive Summary – Key Takeaways

Private Healthcare in Romania: 8 Drivers of Customer Experience Excellence

The Romanian private medical market has evolved immensely over the past six years. Earlier people had to go abroad for high-tech medical procedures but recently Romanian medical market is gaining ground in front of hospitals abroad by delivering excellent customer service.

Through a detailed analysis of 15,201 online consumer conversations, Clootrack has listed down the top 8 drivers of great customer experience.

Customer experience (CX) is a holistic perception of the experience that a customer has with your business or brand. CX is not a individual experience, it is the result of each and every interaction from the start till the customer buys a product. When a brand offers exceptional customer experience, customers tend to come back and eventually become a loyal customer. 

Consumer perception plays a vital role in the consumer behavior thereby affecting the demand for a product. Hence it becomes key to understand the attitude that influences consumer behavior.

In this report we have presented the relationship between different perception drivers in the form of a graph that can be used to sense the degree of importance that consumers attach to various factors. 

1. Quality of medical personnel

Romanians have put the quality of the medical staff on top of their priority. People prefer to see medical staff who is up to date with medical knowledge, who is highly competent, who share values such as respect and honesty, who demonstrates strong ethical principles and standards, who shows empathy, and is kind in interactions with the patients. 

2. Quality of paramedical services

Paramedical services supplement and support medical work but do not require a fully qualified doctor. Services include nursing, radiography, emergency first aid, physiotherapy, and dietetics. People feel that a paramedic should be well trained to deal with medical equipment, procedures, radio operating procedures as well as emergency vehicle operation. 

3. Wait and service timing/Duration needed for service

When a person needs medical attention, the last thing one wants is a long queue, which can add extra stress to a patient. Hospitals should manage this by scheduling appointments. People prefer to register in advance and come on time for their scheduled appointment, thereby reducing their waiting time.

4. Ease of interface/Booking/Patient Support services

A growing number of people are turning towards online appointment booking systems. People want to have an interface for bookings, cancellations, reminders, follow-ups and a lot of functionalities which can be easily managed online with efficiency and eliminating the fuss around manual appointments. Online access for patients to healthcare services help stay connected and allows them to take control of their time.  

5. Cost of service/Cost of care

Healthcare spending has been on the rise in Romania. People want to lower their spending on hospitals and medicines. People are asking for outpatient clinics which is cheaper than having the same procedure in a hospital. People also want to explore the idea of having providers who are within their network as they charge less compared to out-of-network care providers. 

6. Cleanliness

Hospital cleanliness will impact the overall patient experience. For patients and their families, cleanliness is an important factor that really matters. A patient will recommend a hospital to friends and family when the hospital is clean and hygienic.

Patients feel that delivery of safe and effective health care can be delivered with reduced risks of hospital acquired infections when the hospital is clean. 

 7. Latest equipment/facilities

In the recent days, we have seen hospitals with world class facilities and technological equipment. People expect hospitals to update their equipment and services so that they can offer high-tech medical care. Patients are asking for state-of-the-art digital imaging scanners, multi-disciplinary mega-hospitals with cutting-edge medical robots. Patients are expecting innovative equipment, high-tech digital theaters that can be used by surgeons to have complete control over every aspect of their health.


8. Availability of services/clinics

Romania’s health-care system has a number of modern clinics with highly trained medical specialists, but in spite of that people are asking for more such clinics with qualified personnel and modern equipment. People want to see many more clinics in smaller cities as all patients cannot move to bigger cities just for a medical examination.

Private Healthcare in Romania: 8 Drivers of Customer Experience Excellence

Top 8 Perception Drivers


Private Healthcare in Romania – Emerging Trends

Private hospitals in Romania has seen a rapid growth and is witnessing a tremendous boom due to the low-quality services in public hospitals forcing people to take resort in private hospitals. The industry is going through phases of innovation which is seen in the form of new app based booking interfaces and hi-tech medical equipment. Healthy living is also seeing a rise as people are realizing the value to maintaining good health. Here are top 3 emerging trends in private hospital industry in Romania: 

1. E consultations, app-based consultations, second opinions

In today’s technologically advanced world, an app is said to keep doctors and medical help closer to you. The emerging trend in private hospital care is to make it possible for patients to book consultations using apps. With hectic schedules, patients find it convenient to use app-based consultations which are available with a click. There is a rising trend to use smart platforms for seeking second opinion from top specialists who are listed on the app.

2. Loyalty cards/discounts

While loyalty cards and discounts are very common in most of the businesses, they are not so common in health care industry. The emerging trend in health care sector is the use of loyalty cards to boost patient loyalty. Loyalty programs will increase patient engagement with the hospital and will bring more referrals.

3. Healthy living/ preventive care tip

A rising trend in health care industry is the trend of healthy living and preventive care. Some of the preventive are examples include wellness visits, and immunizations, regular screenings for blood pressure, cancer, cholesterol, depression, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Preventive care is gaining high importance because it helps a person to stay healthy and take treatment when necessary. Also, very important is that it can help to reduce overall medical expenses.

Private Healthcare in Romania – Consumer Beliefs 

Understanding patients’ healthcare beliefs, values and preferences is very important for the healthcare provider. This is important for predicting medication adherence, use of healthcare services, and lifestyle choices.  When the health provider acquires a better awareness of a patient’s beliefs, it will help to identify gaps between their understanding and the patient’s requirements. 

1. Private health care is better for some health issues

It is a general belief that private healthcare is better to treat certain health issues as it is not easily available in public healthcare. People believe that private hospitals are well equipped to handle diseases such as cancers or strokes and heart attacks. They believe that they have lesser waiting time and better equipment in private hospitals making it more comfortable for patients. 

2. There are no good prevention programs

People believe that there are no good programs aimed at getting care and service that is required to live a healthier life. Preventive programs are important as it helps to stay healthy and access prompt treatment when necessary. It can also reduce overall medical expenses. But people believe that without preventive programs, diseases will cost higher and might cause more damage to people with these conditions. 

3. Alternate medicine is not very good in Romania

Alternative medicine refers to those practices that are not taught in conventional medical schools. Romanians believe that alternative medicine is not good in Romania. People turn to alternative therapies for many reasons such as a bad experience with traditional medicine, positive personal experience, traditional medicine has nothing to offer or may be when the diagnosis is terminal, they feel there nothing to lose. But unfortunately, people who wish to try alternative medicines are disappointed as they feel there is no good alternative medicines available in Romania.

Detailed Report

Private hospitals in Romania are offering high quality clinical services with proven outcomes. Excellent level of cleanliness, friendly staff, and hi-tech medical equipment are some of the factors that make a patient opt a private hospital. Clootrack analyzed user conversations, and has put together a detailed report. The report offers insights into the factors that private hospital users expect, their beliefs, positive and negative opinions about private hospitals in Romania.

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