What Our Customers Say

We were looking at the personal care market and understanding the motivations of Brand Switch in the category.

What I liked is the Smartness of the Filtering, it picks the right conversations and reviews for the analysis unlike a lot of tools I have used, Zero invalid convos. The big learning has been that the review/usage drivers can be very different from the purchase/exploration drivers.

Tania Dey

Vice President CX Strategy, MullenLowe Lintas Group

We offer a lot of mediums for our customers to make their voices heard: product reviews, surveys, and a section where customers can write about their experience. We weren’t initially sure how we could get meaningful output from the unstructured customer-voice channels we had.

We were looking for someone who could create a more structured version of these channels to get more valuable output. We had interactions with multiple vendors before starting. We had POCs with multiple vendors, and Clootrack stood out.

Shoeb Shaik

Process Excellence, Tata

We were trying to find brand associations in a quick manner.

Convenient, thoughtful, and quick. The best thing is their algorithm where they are able to take the intensity of emotion into account while analyzing online conversations.

Samdish C

We were looking for product insights which are valuable. It was difficult to obtain from large data dumps.

Clootrack allowed for powerful, strategic business insights to be brought to the surface.

Alexis O

ECommerce Manager, Major Apparel Brand

We were looking for a fast and cost-effective way of getting insights into our customers and the market.

My favorite part of working together is their technology engine. That has been an interesting part for us because we have understood the capabilities of new technologies in insight. There is a huge amount of data on the platform for generating insights. It has been an alternative way of doing insights for us, and it is quite cost-effective.

Strategy Head

Multinational Automotive Brand

I was looking for a company that could help me to answer questions in research but in a much more authentic fashion, rather than going around with a questionnaire to people and asking them questions. That kind of format has a lot of bias.

This whole concept of getting into emotions and tonality of the emotions is definitely unique. The second part of the uniqueness comes through the fact that it’s not just online conversations but also that we can take internal enterprise data whether it’s banking data or telecom or auto sector.

Principal Consultant

Global Consulting Firm

We have been doing NPS surveys for some time. However, the biggest issue has been convincing departments to take action on it. Because NPS questions are framed by business divisions and many times are biased to their understanding of business.

Clootrack analysis brings out what customers want genuinely and is represented in verbatims. All business divisions oblige to take action on it as it is coming from the horses’ mouth.

Customer Insights

Head at a Major Bank

When it comes to category understanding, the biggest challenge is where to start? What attributes to look at for own brand and competition. There are several gaps that are left by listening/analytics tools.

Clootrack helps clients find the drivers of conversation that are difficult to identify on social media. It helped us to streamline our conversation into relevant buckets.

Senior Group Head

Analytics, Major Agency

There are many aspects which we all know are issues. There are some issues only some people know in the company. There are some issues which no one knows in the company. Prioritizing these knowns and unknowns is tricky.

Clootrack is able to bring out the issues if it matters to customers.

Customer Insights

Head at a Major Bank

What Is Clootrack?

Clootrack unifies customer data to make the most impactful brand decisions in real-time. Connect data from any source and create easily digestible insights. Present visually stunning dashboards for better decision-making. Enhance experiences that matter the most to customers.

Why Clootrack

Get a Unified View of Customer Experience

Capture and connect with the voice of the customer data from any source — Customer feedback, CRM tickets, NPS data, social media reviews, eCommerce platforms, blogs, news websites, etc. — Into a single secured and trusted customer experience analytics platform.

eCommerce Category Benchmarking

Discover industry benchmarks on how retail and eCommerce companies stack up against the competition. Obtain a real-time view of factors that drive 5-star ratings.

Brand Health Monitoring

Real-time brand track to identify aspects of your brand funnel that need bolstering. Brand Health Tracking research makes sure you choose the right path that lets your brand grow.

Augment Market Research

Unearths research insights from the chatter out there. Simplifies market research making it easy for brands to make decisions based on consumer data.
Clootrack AI turns unstructured data into market insights about your products, features, competitors, and benchmarks it against the competition.

Clootrack For You

  • Customer Experience Manager
  • eCommerce Category Head
  • Market Researcher
  • Brand Head

Bring powerful, strategic business insights to the surface. Understand key factors that significantly move your customer experience. Easily align stakeholders with data-driven transparency. Take focused actions faster than ever before.

“There are many aspects which we know are issues. There are some issues only some people know in the company. There are some issues which no one knows in the company. Clootrack is able to bring out these if it matters to customers.”

Understand how your brand is performing compared to your competition on online retail channels. Bring the smartness of the filtering and pick the right conversations and reviews for the analysis. Keep track of emerging products and trends. Understand factors that influence your customer experience.

“We could pinpoint key customer experience issues, like the ones that happen in last-mile delivery. These generally get completely missed out if not escalated to us, but affects customer experience big time.”

Get super-fast market research done just within a couple of days, rather than waiting for months. Decode emotions that are extremely unique and identify authentic customer perceptions about the product category and brands. As a market researcher, you no longer have to guess about what to do next.

“Client users across industries, geographies have been wowed by the learnings and insights which has significantly led to better business and marketing decisions including better Campaigns, Brand positioning and innovation strategies. The proprietary advanced methods and models to decode emotions is extremely unique and leads to identification of authentic customer / consumer perceptions about the product category and brands.”

Get a real-time brand track for your brand. Understand your brand health and equity as compared to your competition. Find the source of truth and direction for your marketing efforts. Understand the message cut-through of your campaigns like never before.

“When it comes to industry reports, the biggest challenge is where to start? what attributes to look at for own brand and competition. Clootrack helps identify exactly these gaps and in a scientific manner.”

How It Helps

Connect With Your Customers Like Never Before

Clootrack’s supercharged AI analyzes billions of customer conversations in real-time to proactively surface hidden experience signals and to ensure you never miss another insight.

Make Impactful Brand Decisions Tailored For Your Customer Priorities

Clootrack identifies critical factors influencing customer preferences from a wide array of brand drivers. Predicts key decisions that improve your brand's performance.

Be a Leader in Your Market And Leave
Your Competition Behind!

Clootrack constantly uncovers competitive gaps and identifies growth opportunities. Detects market trends ahead of your competition to propel you as the market leader. Monitor Competition to up the game Every Day!

Seamless Intergration With All
Data & BI Tools

Your Data Is Safe With Us!

At Clootrack we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We only collect and retain as much information as needed for specific, identified purposes. We will not use it in any way that is incompatible with those purposes.

  • GDPR Compliant
  • ISO 27001

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