4 Factors Influencing Home Loan Customers in Australia

July 2017- Sep 2017

4 Factors Influencing Home Loan Customers in Australia


First home buyer lending moved up more than 40% in 2018 over 2017, and has accounted for 12.4% of all housing loans in February 2018. As of 2018, Australia’s housing stock numbers nearly 10 million homes, with about 20,000 new houses approved every month. In this report we cover customer conversation analysis relating to home loans in Australia.

4 Factors Influencing Home Loan Customers in Australia

The analysis is based on customer reviews and conversations online in the segment. The analysis results presented are completely unbiased and not based on any subjective judgement.

The source data used for the analysis are user conversations available publicly online like public forums and social media.


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4 Key Drivers of Home Loans

Home is where the heart is! When consumers start home loan search they do not just look at interest rate, they consider many other home loan features that can save them big bucks and time. So what do customers care the most about? 

As per online conversations, it turns out that customers are looking for few basic features such as flexibility and easy approvals rather than fancy apps, websites and free credit cards. 

Clootrack conducted an extensive analysis on home loans in Australia based on 2,25,001 online conversations.  In this guide, we’ll run you through the 4 key drivers for home loans:

    1. Flexibility

Home loan features are all about convenience and flexibility. Customers are demanding higher flexibility in repayment options and interest rates. They prefer banks to set rates based on customer credit history so as to take advantage of strong credit history.  There are a number of first time buyers and hence most of them expect encouragement by the bank by offering higher flexibility.

    2. Interest Rates

Numerous banks offer attractive interest rates to the advantage of the home buyers. But customers are asking for a combination of options that allows them better choice of interest rate. Home loans come with various interest rate options such as fixed rate or flexible rate. Customers search for best rates with floating options. They prefer to have a yearly review of the interest rates and renegotiate rates.

    3. Fees

When a customer thinks of home loan, generally the first thing that can put off a customer is the huge amount of fees and hidden charges. Consumers feel that there should be clarity on advertised versus the actual fees, along with a break up of various fees. Customers ask for low upfront fees and customized penalties based on repayment behavior.

    4. Approvals

Customers switch to a new and faster loan provider when they witness slow and unprofessional approval process. Customers find it hard to get instant approval from banks because of their lengthy verification procedure.  Customers want to move towards loan providers who can offer easy and quick approvals without any post approval surprises and are also expecting zero fee approvals. 


Top 3 Feel Good Factors 

    1. Ratings

Buying a dream home is an important milestone in a person’s life and hence a customer spends a lot of time in planning and comparing different options. With a wide variety of housing loans available in the market, a customer can be delighted when he has additional information in the form of builder and property ratings. If a borrower counseling provision is offered the customer would definitely feel good about it. Further customer is looking forward for different rates based on ratings.

    2. Documentation

Customer dreads of the extensive documentation that goes into getting a home loan approved. Although the home loan application states the list of necessary documents required, customers are asking for ease in documentation process. Also, it will be a great relief for customers if they are offered legal assistance during their home loan process.

    3. Relationship Management

The importance of effective relationship management is key to customers. While the entire process of home loan approvals should be smooth, customers are looking forward for the banks to offer excellent relationship management during and post the home loan approval process. They expect that they get assistance from personal relationship managers, financial counselors, documentation advisors and reminder service for payments.

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