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5 Major Determinants of Success in the Hotel Business

5 Major Determinants of Success in the Hotel Business

With an increase in disposable income, individuals are keen on indulging in foreign experiences and traveling. This rising trend has seen an expansion in the hotel industry. What goes on in a guest’s mind as they book their accommodation? What sets one hotel apart from the other? Read about the latest and upcoming trends that are shaping the hotel industry!

Top 5 Features Expected From Online Jewellery Brands

Top 5 Features Expected From Online Jewellery Brands

Online shopping has gone to an extent that people prefer to buy high-worth items such as gold jewellery also online. There can be nothing more comfortable to sit at the convenience of your home and take opinions of friends and family by sharing pictures before buying your favorite piece of jewellery. But it is also true that people don’t trust online jewellery websites so easily. Clootrack analyzed online consumer conversations and has put together a list of features that customers prefer in an online jewellery store.

5 Essential Features of a Successful Online Cosmetic Store

5 Essential Features of a Successful Online Cosmetic Store

Are you still going to the mall for your shopping? The world is now revolving around online shopping. People across the globe are moving towards buying cosmetics online as it saves time and money. There are many online sites that offer great discounts and has an extensive stock on display. Most of the online cosmetics websites offer a wide range of cosmetics and accessories including makeup products, beauty tools, skin care and nail care products. But customers are looking for features that make their online shopping experience most pleasant. In this report, we present customer online conversations happening around online cosmetics.

Top 3 Expectations from UAE Money Exchange Customers In 2019

UAE Exchange is one of the largest remittance companies and has an extensive network in the middle east and Asia. Business depends on the quality of the customer service as well as the overall satisfaction of the customer, and Money exchange companies are no exception to this.

Top 5 Factors That Consumers Consider While Choosing an Effective Acne Cream

According to American Academy of Dermatology, 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 24 years experience at least minor acne. People treat acne using products available at a drugstore or cosmetic counter that do not require a prescription. These acne treatment creams are used to reduce the severity and frequency of acne growth.

4 Factors To Manage Your Outfits Using A Fashion Organizer App

A recent article in the Telegraph said that an average woman spends about one year of her life choosing what to wear. Though they say they have nothing to wear they are usually drowning in a sea of clothes. The fashion organizer apps have made way into a woman’s life to easily organize their closets and to help them choose an outfit for every occasion.

5 Factors That Users Consider While Buying Cryptocurrency In China

China cryptocurrency market is the largest amongst APAC countries. It has some of the big mining companies such as Bitman and Ebang Communication. Conditions such as good weather, low electricity cost and the influx of venture capital funding is making it favorable for the growth of cryptocurrency in China.

8 Factors That can Improve Private Health Care Services in Romania

Public healthcare comes with poor infrastructure and lack of proper management, combined with low quality of medical services. This has led to the growth of private healthcare in Romania. As per research reports, the number of patients enrolling in private hospitals in Romania has increased by 20%.

2 Factors that can transform patient’s experience of National Health Service

UK’s population has grown, from about 50 million to 66 million ever since the inception of National Health Service (NHS) 70 years ago. There has been demographic shift towards an older population which has heaped pressure on the NHS. The number of workers needed to take care has grown dramatically with almost 110,000 full-time-equivalent hospital and community medical staff (doctors and dentists) across England and Wales. But is this good enough to provide the best health service to the people of UK? This report elaborates on the factors that users prefer to experience with the NHS.

5 Factors To Securely Access Your Cryptocurrencies From One Central Wallet

Cryptocurrency wallets have emerged using the blockchain technology to give birth to a platform to collect, pay and protect licensed digital collectibles. In Q1 2018, there were estimated 23.95 million cryptocurrency wallet users worldwide, increased by 86% compared to Q1 2017. The rise of cryptocurrency investments has pushed for the development of secure storage of cryptocurrencies. This report elaborates on the factors that consumers prefer to have in their cryptocurrency wallets.

5 Factors That Allow Air Purifier Consumers To Breathe Easier

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time indoors. And do you know that your indoor air can be equally bad or polluted like the outside air. When we are exposed to poor air quality, we risk ourselves to a number of respiratory ailments.
Air purifier has been in news more often as people are turning towards pure indoor air. It helps to create cleaner, healthier air in your home and office. There are a variety of factors that consumers explore before they buy a reliable air purifier.

5 Factors That Can Wash Out Your Consumers’ Laundry Problems

Doing laundry can take over your life specially if there are too many other chores that require to be completed. The fully automatic washing machines available with latest technology and innovations can wash out all your laundry problems in no time. The emerging trends with added features and technology are expected to increase the demand for residential washing machines.

4 Factors That Lead Airlines to Soar to New Heights

One of the main barriers coming in the way of travelers to reach their dream vacation is the huge cost of flights! After all, when your flight is too expensive, you mostly aren’t going anywhere. But with the availability of low cost airlines and their killer deals, it has made possible for many travelers to make their dream vacation come true.

5 Features That Lets Consumers Enjoy Their Computer Experience

Consumers today ask for a high degree of mobility, thereby increasing the demand for laptops. Business purpose laptops are in demand due to small and large scale companies requiring laptops for numerous tasks such as programming, graphics design, presentations and document editing. This is increasing the demand for wide-screen displays and faster processors with enhanced connectivity.

6 Reason Why Consumers Indulge More In Dark Chocolates

Do you think chocolates are just for kids? Dark chocolate has become one of the few foods that not just tastes awesome but also provides significant health benefits. Research has proved that dark chocolate has a wide variety of powerful antioxidants, and in fact it was way more than most of the other foods. This is making the chocolate manufacturers happier than ever before. But do you actually know what consumers of dark chocolate are asking for?

4 Factors Home Buyers Consider To Make Home Buying Fulfilling

Owning a home is a dream for most of the people across the globe. Purchasing a property is most often the largest investment a person will make. The UAE market has evolved and become more mature with clear regulations. Many private and public sectors are welcoming the innovation in real estate industry and thereby leading to technologically advanced and sustainable real estate market in UAE.

Top 3 Customer Preferences Shaping Men’s Apparel Industry in USA

Men seem to be taking higher interest in their appearance. In fact as per market reports, men’s wear is growing faster than women’s wear!! Men are turning towards fashionable shirts that enhance their fashion quotient. Retailers are quickly taking a note of this trend to offer the trendiest and the most fashionable men’s shirts.

4 Factors that Drive Biscuit Manufacturers to Bake the Best Biscuits in India

Demand for biscuits in India is increasing due to its convenience, healthy and exotic options available with attractive packing. The factors driving the biscuit industry in India are the availability of a range of flavors at a minimal cost. The growing interest towards healthy and organic biscuits is offering further growth opportunities.

5 Factors That Builds Your Direct Selling Business Bigger And Better

The rising population of the Indian middle-class consumers and the added ease of shopping from direct selling has created a tremendous shift in spending patterns of consumers. Indian consumers are shopping products that are aimed at the improving lifestyle, high-quality brands, wellness products, international vacations, health products and many other luxury products. To stay ahead of the competition curve, direct selling product manufacturers need to constantly find factors that delight their consumers by offering innovative products.

4 Tempting Factors That Form Ingredients of a Winning Snack

Think of the last time you had a snack. Was it yesterday or just few hours ago or it could even be right now while reading this report? Snacking is emerging as an alternative to a full-fledged meal. Consumers, who are busy, find it easy to snack at intervals, replacing the full-fledged meals. But what are the factors that are motivating a consumer to reach out to snacks?

3 Features That Go Extra Mile To Make Blackberry Customers Happy

What do your customers expect to see in a smartphone? With the constant changes in technology, its hard to predict with accuracy. But with the help of online customer conversations, it is possible to note the customer expectations and to observe the emerging trends. Here you will able to see a couple of features for smartphones that may become the focal points for development in the near future.

5 Things Customers Hope To Have While Exploring Car Rental Services

Whether it’s a business trip or a leisure trip, comfort and convenience is the game changer. Car rental is becoming the best travel buddy where people can sit back and enjoy creating memories. Car rental market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of around 6%, during 2018 – 2023.