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4 Factors That Let Erasable Pens Modify Your Ideas Along The Way

October 2018 

Category Analysis  Erasable Gel Pens

Regions: Romania

The important stakeholders in the writing instruments market are heavily focusing on product differentiation. Manufacturers are offering innovative, multipurpose, unbreakable and erasable pens that come in multiple color ranges and style. In this report, we give you insights into the customer conversations that will guide manufacturers to stand out in the writing instruments market.


The analysis is based on customer reviews and conversations online in the segment. The analysis results presented are completely unbiased and not based on any subjective judgement.

The source data used for the analysis are user conversations available publicly online like public forums and social media.


Total number of customer conversations

Top 4 Perception Drivers

1. Complete Erasing 

Consumers want something more than just the normal!

They want a pen that can write like a pen but should be able to be erased like a pencil leaving room for corrections. They really like it when they erase perfectly clean without smudging or rubbing a hole into the paper! Erasable pens which indeed do the job of not just writing but also delete or erase without leaving any marks or tearing the documents is a complete package for consumers who want to complete a puzzle or a Sudoku without leaving any mistakes. Manufacturers of erasable pens should note this factor and introduce revolutionary technology that bring convenience of rewriting and erasing repeatedly without worrying about holes in the paper.

2. Multiple Forms 

Consumers are asking for more variety when they use erasable pens. They have seen simple erasable pens, but what consumers are asking is pens that can come in multiple forms such as the pens with cap, retractable pens, a pen with good grip and click to write pens.  Pen manufacturers should take hints from these conversations analyzed by Clootrack by offering gel pens that not just can erase but are also easy to use by offering pens with an eraser at the top of the pen tip, retractable pens that can be pressed down. 

3. Range of Colors 

Erasable pens that can come in a range of colors is an artistic essential for writing, drawing and coloring. Consumers who are either at work or home or at school prefer to have colorful erasable pens that can enhance their art work, greeting cards, scrap booking and much more. Consumers are asking for a wide variety in color range, multi-color pens, bright ink colors and sparkle ink pens. Manufacturers of erasable gel pens should offer a variety of desirable colors making them ideal for a variety of projects.

4. Writing Quality 

In addition to all the above important factors, consumers do not want to compromise on the smooth writing experience of an erasable gel pen. They want to enjoy the easy writing, smooth writing, and fast drying without smudging on the paper. Manufacturers of erasable pens should focus on offering a reliable pen that a consumer can pick up without doubt of smudging and leaking on the paper, and a pen that doesn’t skip, and its ink flow is steady and consistent.


Top 5 Emerging Trends

Among all the stationery items, pens are the most widely used in schools, colleges, office and homes. With consumers asking for more than just a pen, there has been a rise in the demand for erasable gel pens. Erasable pen industry has seen itself growing and constantly innovating to provide consumers with unique and quality-driven gel pens. The information gathered from conversation of online consumers and market research is throwing light on the upcoming trends in erasable gel pens. Here are 5 emerging trends for the coming years:

1. Non Toxic And Safe Ink

Imagine when a kid writes all over his arm while being extra creative? Consumers will be definitely worried about the toxic effect on the kid’s skin. With high knowledge and information available for consumers, it is no surprise that they look for pens that are non-toxic and those which use safe ink. The emerging trend in this industry is to produce pens that do not use hazardous chemicals. The manufacturers of erasable pens have to move towards explicitly mentioning that the pens are non-toxic. The trend is moving towards manufacturing pens that ensures that it will not present any significant chronic adverse health effects to humans via ingestion or skin contact.

2. Unbreakable Pens

Imagine a person will sometime in future say that he owns a pen which is 100 years old!! Yes it could become true one day as the trend is moving towards owning an unbreakable pen. Consumers feel annoyed at the constant breaking of the pens when they are dropped or kept in pockets. The emerging trend in this industry is the rise of unbreakable pens that completely eliminates this issue. Manufacturers of erasable gel pens should focus highly on providing timeless, durable and comfortable pens that can stand the test of time. That can be achieved in this day and age where availability of more economical materials and methods of production is possible.

3. Multi-function Pens

Gone are the days when a person carries a pencil, an eraser, a blue ball point pen and a red pen to a school or a meeting. Consumers are looking at convenience and demanding for ideal pens that can multi task as a pencil or an eraser or even change colors instead of carrying multiple color pens. Manufacturers of pens should recognize the emerging trend of combining a variety of colors, pencils, highlighters and pens with erasers. Manufacturers have to find the suitable combinations and manufacturer multi-function pens that suit the requirements of majority of the consumers.

4. Hybrid Pens

Consumers are confused over ballpoint pens that work everywhere and gel pens that are smooth but slow. Hybrid pens have come as a solution to the problems that consumer face with this confusion. Hybrid pens offer the best features of ballpoint pens and the best of gel ink roller balls. And if this comes as a combination with erasable pens consumers no doubt will be delighted. The latest emerging trend is for pens that are hybrid at the same time erasable. Pen manufacturers are making a note of the emerging trend by innovating on the hybrid pens by implementing hybrid ink technology.

5. Smart Pens/Recorder Pens

For the busy professionals, a smart pen that can record the lectures and meeting minutes will be a wonderful innovation. The emerging trend in pen industry is to have smart pens and recorded pens that can satisfy both style and functionality. Manufacturers of pens should go one step ahead to offer pens with higher power microphone that can pick up sounds even from faraway distance. The pens should come with Easy One-Touch Recording that can be started just with the push of a button.

Detailed Report

Erasable gel pens are perfect companions for students, professionals and artists. Consumers are becoming highly innovative and asking for factors that can make a pen work wonders. Do want to know what other important factors that customers are looking for while buying an erasable gel pen? You can download the pdf version of the complete report for free. Enter your email at the end of this report and we’ll send it to you for FREE.

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