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4 Adhesive Tape Features Designed To Hold things together

Oct 18
Category Analysis – Adhesive Tapes
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According to the global adhesive tapes market analysis, the market size is estimated to reach US$ 69.42 billion by 2022 which reflects a CAGR of 6.26 % during 2017– 2022. The adhesive tapes are gaining significant importance due to the benefits and the technological developments in the production of adhesive tapes. Manufacturers of adhesive tapes are grabbing this opportunity to boost their product in the market and attract higher revenue share.

In this report, we provide deep insights into the adhesive tapes industry covering the perception drivers, emerging trends, consumer beliefs and much more interesting aspects.


The analysis is based on customer reviews and conversations online in the segment. The analysis results presented are completely unbiased and not based on any subjective judgement.

The source data used for the analysis are user conversations available publicly online like public forums and social media.


Total number of customer conversations

Top 4 Perception Drivers 

Perception is awareness or an understanding of something. Consumer perception plays a vital role in the consumption behavior thereby affecting the demand for a product. Hence it becomes key for a manufacturer to understand the perception drivers. A manufacturer must understand the likes and dislikes of his customers to be successful marketer.

Through a detailed analysis of 7,850 online consumer conversations, Clootrack has listed down the top 4 perception drivers that consumers consider important while buying adhesive tapes. In this report we have presented the relationship between different perception drivers in the form of a graph that can be used to sense the degree of importance that consumers attach to various factors.

1. Adhesiveness of the Tape

Adhesive tapes have grown due to its importance in bonding or joining objects together without the need to weld or add screws or fasteners.  The adhesive tapes are a combination of a material such as the paper, plastic film, cloth, foam, foil, etc. which is coated with an adhesive.

Consumers are asking for adhesive tapes that have stronger and tougher adhesive so that they don’t have to see the tape releasing the objects that are joined together. Consumers want to have the opportunity of using it on variety of surfaces and apply it without application of great force.

Manufacturers of sticky tapes should be able to offer consumers with variety of tapes that can be stuck on various platforms paper, plastic, glass, wood, cement and metal. They should apply the right adhesive such as the Acrylic adhesives, Rubber-based adhesives, Silicone adhesives etc. that is required for different purposes.

2. Strength of the Tape

Adhesive tapes are best when they are able to replace bolts, screws, welds, rivets and nails. Consumers prefer to buy tapes that work great and hold on tight and strong. Also they look forward to use the tapes while shipping heavy duty items for the safety and survival of their products for inshore and offshore use. 

Manufacturers of adhesive tape should consider the strength factor of the tape and produce tapes that can be used for not just craft but also for repair and binding objects for various projects. The tapes should come with high performance strength and adhesion characteristics, elongation property, anti-vibrating, crack resistance, resistance to high temperature, water, humidity and moisture and with high seal property.

3. Decorative Tape

While adhesive tapes are predominantly used for fusing things together, consumers also find interest in tapes that can be used as a decorative element.  Consumers want a product that can be used for decorating their parties, also use in paper crafts and to add a creative accent to almost anything. 

Decorative tapes are of high interest to consumers since they prefer to use the tape to highlight, cover the shipping address and also to use it as a perfect companion for gift wrapping. Consumers love to see different varieties and attractive. 

Manufacturers of adhesive tapes should consider making tapes that is super durable and flexible. Offer variety of widths, textures, patterns and colors that makes it attractive for consumers. Producers need to add more features such as tapes that tears easily and can be safely applied to a variety of surfaces without leaving a sticky residue behind since it is mostly used in home decor and craft projects.

4. Quality of the Tape

The tape backing holds the adhesive in its place. The backing is not just used to hold the adhesive but also contributes to the proper functioning of an adhesive tape. Consumers are asking for the perfect combination of adhesive and backing material which is important to determine whether an adhesive tape is of good quality.  Depending on the use of the tape, different kind of backing material such as the foam, cloth, fleece, paper, acrylic, metal, etc. is used.  Consumers should be able to choose from a variety of options depending on the need of the tape.

Manufacturers should design backings to withstand high, and should be of desired thickness either to be very thin or to be very to serve its purpose. Adhesive tapes should be of the best quality with durable and long shelf life. It should be able to perform even under extreme pressure and temperature conditions while able to on all types of Surfaces such as  paper, plastic, wood, glass, fiber, metal, etc.


Customer Beliefs

Brand must reflect customer beliefs. When it comes to convincing consumers, the secret is to understand the consumer beliefs and their behavior.  This will eventually leads you to know what a buyer wants from your business. A customer has a deep understanding of what they want from a product.

When it comes to adhesive tape, customers have their own list of beliefs. They truly valuer and differentiate a strong and high quality adhesive tape that satisfies the below beliefs from the rest of the tapes that they see in the market.  These customer beliefs help tape makers to personalize the products for the customers.

1. Tapes Are Used For Heavy Duty Jobs

When consumers are using the adhesive tape to bond glass, wood, steel, concrete, foam, and/or plastic together they believe that the tapes can be used for bonding heavy duty materials. Consumers are happy to use tapes in construction appliances, to mount objects on walls, shower curtains and other much heavier and non-metallic or magnetic objects.  Basically consumers believe that the tape has a long shelf life and can withstand heat and weight of the objects that are put together.

2. Magnetic Tapes Are Used To Hang Paintings And Notes On The Refrigerator

Magnetic tape is a versatile product that does not have an adhesive backing, but the magnetic side is attracted to ferromagnetic materials such as iron and nickel. People use a dry erase marker to write-on and wipe-off any notes. Consumers believe that the magnetic tape can be used for variety of purposes such on whiteboards, storage shelves, to write on retail shelves, for scheduling and planning boards, and preparing control charts. Consumers are happy because magnetic adhesive tapes come in a dispenser and also in pre-cut magnetic strips that can be used to hang up photos, drawings, postcards, and papers.

3. Tapes Are Used To Mark Things, Taping And Labeling Boxes

Consumers believe that using the adhesive tapes is an effective and smart way to organize and label boxes. The tape come in different colors and also has provision to add any message that can save time and efforts while packing boxes. These tapes allow the labeling process to be customized to best suit the consumer. Consumers also believe that they are encouraged to use colored tape to simplify the identification process.

4. Tapes Are Able To Hold Heavy Things

Will you believe that an extremely effective double sided tape has been used in Burj Al Arab which is one of the tallest hotels in the world!!
Consumers believe that adhesive tapes can be used to completely replace screws and nails that used to do the job earlier to holding two heavy things together. Tapes come in varieties that can be used for thick bonding. Tapes are used for unusual purposes, such as use with textured materials and higher temperatures than normal.

Top 3 Emerging Trends 


Adhesive tapes have become the most sought out option for projects that require joining and fastening. Starting from sticking notes on the refrigerator to fastening components in washing machines and airplanes, adhesives have rapidly become the preferred choice for assembly projects. 

The emerging trend in adhesives tapes is to develop tapes that are highly durable and includes a great level of customization to meet and exceed the expectations of the users.

Some of the recent trends in adhesive tape industry is listed below:

1. Recyclable material

Environmental issues have taken a prominent place in the recent days. The latest trend in adhesive tapes industry is to introduce tapes with recyclable materials. The move is towards making the tapes completely biodegradable, recyclable and re-pulpable. The future of tapes is to make reinforced water-activated tape which can be easily removed and recycled during the re-pulping process. 


2. Any Surface Sticking

Most of the times, consumers complain about the tape not sticking.  But in most of the cases, it’s not the fault of the adhesive but it’s the surface on which the tape is used. Over many years, companies are spending research and investigation in finding the perfect sticking formula.  The success of the tape is dependent on the temperature, weather, surface conditions, chemistry and application. The latest trend is to manufacture adhesive tape that can stick perfectly on any surface.

3. No Trace Adhesiveness

There are different kinds of adhesiveness used in tapes. Many a times, this adhesive leaves a trace when removed, making it undesirable.  The emerging trend in tape industry is to manufacture easily removable tape that will not leave any residue or trace of sticky adhesive thereby protecting the surface on which the tape was applied. It is a upcoming challenge for manufacturers to create powerful adhesive that creates a long-lasting bond without the need of cleaning up the mess.

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